From B.E. in Metairie, LA:

" I want to express my true appreciation for what you did to help my daughter R. She has made a dramatic change from the time you began working with her until now. She has learned, and most importantly, adapted time management and organizational skills.

She became more self motivated in the goals that she set both short term and long term. Not only did I see success academically, but also success within her personal life as well. The excitement and how proud she felt when she received her grades was a true testament to the work you all did. Thank you!!!"


From F.W. in Lafayette, LA:

"I reached out to Adela when I was in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, and disappointed in myself for, once again, allowing my life to feel chaotic. Adela's approach to our work together was kind and encouraging but utilized gentle accountability methods that, gradually, resulted in my life feeling like the leaves that were once flying everywhere had just settled to the ground. I feel calmer and more present in both my work and personal life today. I also have a clearer sense of where I want to go in my career-- she helped me to align my decision-making to my own value system and my personal mission. 

Most significantly, though, I am kinder and more encouraging with myself which ultimately is so much more important than I thought it was. That shift has given me the resilience to keep moving forward through the brief moments of overwhelm that, in the past, would have stopped me in my tracks. I am so grateful to have met Adela and to have had the opportunity to work with her." 


From G.P. in Metairie, LA

“Through working with Adela, I’ve developed a better concept of time, a more accurate awareness, so I’m not procrastinating anymore, especially on papers and projects. I’m using a planner, whereas before, I’d just have a list in my head that gets overwhelming, but now I put it in my planner with boxes to check off and it’s so rewarding. My best new skill is estimating how long things will take. I also use positive self talk, especially for homework and hard tests. I say to myself, “I’m capable. I’m prepared. I’m determined. I’m SUCCESSFUL!” I definitely have a better grip on things. I know what I need to do to get a good grade on a test, and then I do.”


From C.N. in New Orleans, LA

“Working with Adela, knowing I had a weekly deadline helped. It made me driven to complete tasks. Writing out a schedule and planning windows of time was a new skill I developed in my time with Adela. I’m now able to prioritize times accordingly. I went from planning the night before to more long term planning. I learned to do my schoolwork with a goal in mind, not just for completion. I learned to check PowerSchool more often to see what my status was., and this awareness encouraged me to see my teachers more and work towards a specific goal. Knowing my current grade got me to become proactive about seeking extra help and extra credit in order to reach my goal. I learned to email teachers to do extra work and raise my grade. I do extra work now because I want it and I’m taking an interest in my learning. I’m actually doing stuff for myself, not just to please my mom or my teacher!

I also learned to achieve balance: between school, social life and family. Especially during track meets, I learned to use my time when not competing to work on academics. When I planned out my time, everything fell into place. For example, I could go to Jazz Fest and not worry about the psych exam and didn't have to stay up late the night before. Working with Adela, and learning new skills through her coaching, ultimately meant less anxiety, less cramming, and less worry.”

                                    From J.O. in Metairie, LA

                                  From J.O. in Metairie, LA

From L.A. in New Orleans, LA:

"Adela helped our son understand how ADHD affects his brain and that it is not something he should feel bad or embarrassed about. Through weekly face time sessions, she helped him to create his own strategies to optimize his brain power, improve his organizational skills and create positive patterns of incremental improvements. Not only was he learning how to manage his own success, all of this hard work was being done while removing the evening conflict of us managing his homework." 


From J.O. in Metairie, LA:

"Adela has helped me become more confident and organized in all areas of my life, despite my ADHD. In particularly, in how I deal with school work, I have not only felt a difference personally but seen it through the improvements In my grades. In addition to this, Adela has not only talked to me about how to manage my ADHD  in school, but outside of school as well.

For example,  Adela and I have done numerous exercises that have taught me the best way to pause and think about what's going on, before I make a choice, which can be extremely difficult for someone with ADHD.  Our work together has helped improve my overall wellbeing dramatically and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity." 


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